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Written by Provident Metals  |   May 12, 2014    

An ominous rumor is circulating online: July 1 will see the complete collapse of the United States dollar, because of a bill called H.R. 2847.

Written by Border Gold Group  |   May 05, 2014    
Equity markets on Friday provided no indication that the April jobs report exhibited the best growth in payrolls since January of 2012, or second best since the US escaped recession in mid-2009.

Written by Border Gold Group  |   April 28, 2014    

A survey from Luxembourg Income Study Database (LIS) has made headlines this week from an article in the New York Times.

Written by Border Gold Group  |   April 14, 2014    
Does Greece returning to the sovereign debt markets indicate the worst of the euro crisis is now behind us?

Written by Border Gold Group  |   April 07, 2014    

Friday's US payroll numbers revealed a key milestone for the US labour market.

Written by Border Gold Group  |   March 24, 2014    

The Federal Reserve used their policy announcement and the press conference following the announcement to alter their method of forward guidance.

Written by Border Gold Group  |   March 10, 2014    
Financial markets are at the whim of how events will unfold in Ukraine.

Written by Border Gold Group  |   March 03, 2014    

Bloomberg reported on a study this past week that points to decades of manipulation in the gold market.

Written by Border Gold Group  |   February 24, 2014    

There is a stark difference in the financial world today than a few year’s prior.

Written by Border Gold Group  |   January 11, 2014    

To suggest that the Canadian Federal Government is pushing a weak dollar policy must imply than that in years past they too were opting for a stronger Canadian dollar. At the least the price of the Canadian dollar would suggest that, but unfortunately its nonsense.

Written by BullionVault  |   January 07, 2014    

A RISING DOLLAR and stronger stock markets saw the price of gold drop 1.2% Tuesday afternoon in London, taking the metal towards the brief low hit by Monday's "flash crash" after much better than expected US data.

Written by BullionVault  |   November 25, 2013    

LAST WEEK's losses of 3.6% in gold were extended Monday morning, with silver also falling again as world stock markets rose yet again.

IRS Gold Silver Reporting Private 1099
Written by  |   November 22, 2013    

Are Silver or Gold purchases reported to the IRS or the government?

Written by Blanchard Online  |   November 20, 2013    

Gold has long been considered a hedge against inflation. But some fans also think it offers protection against volatile markets.

Written by Blanchard Online  |   November 20, 2013    

When an asset like gold gets hammered in the marketplace, it’s only natural that investors start looking for a rebound. That’s the premise of a recent article by Jonathan Yates in, a financial website that focuses on global markets.

Written by Blanchard Online  |   November 20, 2013    

Gold’s price has fallen sharply this year, but individual investors bought more bullion in October than they did in the past six months. Is that a bullish sign?

Written by BullionVault  |   November 06, 2013    

WHAT one trader called "very dull" trade saw gold trade unchanged from last Friday's finish of $1317 per ounce lunchtime in London.

Written by BullionVault  |   November 05, 2013    

LONDON wholesale gold was unchanged Tuesday lunchtime from yesterday or from last week's finish at $1317 per ounce, as European shares again defied a drop in Asian stock markets to tick higher.

Written by Blanchard Online  |   November 05, 2013    

The Greenback Is The Biggest Loser In The D.C. Default Threat

"It is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanized world." That's what China's state-owned Xinhua news agency wrote Oct. 13 in expressing frustration over the U.S. government shutdown and debt-ceiling gridlock.

Written by BullionVault  |   November 04, 2013    

WHOLESALE trade in London left the price of gold sitting at last week's finish of $1317 per ounce Monday morning, as European shares rose with government bond prices but commodities slipped.

Written by BullionVault  |   October 31, 2013    

WHOLESALE prices of gold and silver extended yesterday's sharp falls in London trade Thursday morning, as world stockmarkets also fell following the US Federal Reserve's latest policy statement.

Written by BullionVault  |   October 30, 2013    

BOTH gold and silver rose Wednesday lunchtime in London, as the day's widely-expected "no change" decision from the US Federal Reserve was preceded by weak US data.

Written by BullionVault  |   October 29, 2013    

The PRICE of London settled gold bounced to $1348 per ounce Tuesday morning, halving an earlier 0.9% drop after China's most active gold contract closed below that world benchmark for the first time in 2013.

Written by BullionVault  |   October 28, 2013    

WHOLESALE London prices of gold sat tight Monday morning, holding onto Friday's 6-week closing high as European stockmarkets failed to continue a rise in Asian shares.

Written by BullionVault  |   October 25, 2013    

The PRICE of wholesale gold slipped but held near 1-month highs Friday morning in London, heading for the strongest week-on-week gain since mid-August at $1343 per ounce.

Written by BullionVault  |   October 24, 2013    

The PRICE of gold gained $10 per ounce in London trade Thursday morning, gaining 2.2% for the week so far to trade at $1346 as several analysts said they were "turning bullish".

Written by BullionVault  |   October 22, 2013    

WHOLESALE gold held in a tight $5 range Tuesday morning in London, drifting around $1315 per ounce ahead of delayed data on US unemployment.

Written by BullionVault  |   October 21, 2013    

The PRICE of gold was unmoved Monday morning in London, trading barely 25c higher at $1317.50 per ounce as European stock markets also halted their rise, holding global equities near 5-year highs.

178 results - showing 151 - 178
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